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Leads On Sale

Leads On Sale owned by Mr Rajesh Chopra .The company based in Australia specializing in cleaning industry.

This directory website we have designed and developed from the scratch itself. This website has more than 30+ pages including payment integration with client login panel.

Time Duration : 60 Working Days

What we believe : Mr. Rajesh Chopra is one of our potential & old client. He has given many projects previously and we are extremely happy to deliver those project on time.

What Client says : ” We were facing hell lot of issues with our previous website developers. We were a bit nervous to hire an overseas company before. As the time passes away, we find Steve and Steve’s professional attitude and full support of his team. In time proves that this company might be new but guys of createqube are really professionals, ready to take any challenges, easy to work with very competitive, committed. We are happy to recommend them. All the best guys “… 

Project Name

Directory Website Design

Clients Name

Mr. Rajesh Chopra

Project Date

25 Aug 2020

project image
project image

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